About Us

The Eisteddfod Council of Queensland

His Excellency The Honourable Paul de Jersey AC

Mr George Hogg OAM

Mrs Thelma Reisenleiter

Honorary Secretary/ Treasurer
Mr Michael Hogg


Mr Robin Dennis

Mr Warren Haag

Mrs Amanda Zinn

Life Members

Mrs  Ruth Brown Mr  George Hogg OAM Mrs  Elizabeth Reid
Mrs  Norma Fox BEM Mrs  Margaret Humphreys Mrs  Nita Whyte OAM
Mrs  Berniece Hicks OAM Mrs  Robyn Morris Mrs Thelma Reisenleiter


What is the Eisteddfod Council of Queensland?

The Eisteddfod Council of Queensland Inc. (ECQ) is a not-for-profit association, with members consisting of community choirs, eisteddfod associations and municipal councils throughout Queensland. The ECQ is made up entirely of volunteers.

What does the Eisteddfod Council of Queensland do?

The ECQ oversees each Local Organising Committee that convenes the annual Queensland Eisteddfod. By hosting the eisteddfod in a different city each year, the ECQ continues to meet its charter of “fostering the performing arts in Queensland Communities”. The Queensland Eisteddfod is the second-longest running eisteddfod in Australia, being first convened in Ipswich in 1887.

What is the Queensland Eisteddfod?

The Queensland Eisteddfod is a week-long celebration of the performing arts. Each Easter, the Queensland Eisteddfod is hosted by a different major Queensland city.

The Eisteddfod generally features a wide program of Choral, Vocal, Instrumental, and Speech and Drama sections. To the best of our knowledge, it is the ONLY eisteddfod in southern Queensland to feature adult Choral sections.

The Queensland Eisteddfod movement has exhibited a loyal following over many years of competition. At least 10 adult and junior choirs (comprising in excess of 500 individuals) compete each year. It provides a means of showcasing some of the best amateur talent in Queensland. In fact, a number of past competitors are now tenured with professional opera companies throughout Australia and abroad.

Which cities host the Queensland Eisteddfod?

A number of municipal councils recognise the value that the performing arts contribute to building communities through maintaining membership of the ECQ. Accordingly, the ECQ periodically invites these councils to host a Queensland Eisteddfod. As a result of loyal competitors and supporters, the Queensland Eisteddfod provides significant economic and cultural benefits to the businesses and wider community of the host city.

What is a Local Organising Committee?

Each host city establishes a committee of volunteers to organise and run their respective Heritage Queensland Eisteddfod. The Local Organising Committee (LOC) operates under the auspices of the ECQ, but is a separate incorporated association. Through an LOC, volunteers from the local community are afforded the opportunity to be actively involved in the planning and execution of the Queensland Eisteddfod. Members of a local eisteddfod association can use this involvement as a means to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between similar associations.

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